Ben Sekulowicz-Barclay

Digital Designer


As a user experience designer I help people to realise their ideas and shape them into coherent, successful and exciting services. I achieve this primarily through collaboration and a lean and iterative approach to design, prototyping and testing.

With a background in development I am able to understand and communicate complex technical problems and conceive of how technology can be used, or misused, as a proposed solution. I still enjoy working with code and am often the bridge between stakeholders and the people who are building their vision.

Over the last ten years I’ve been lucky enough to do all of this this with various organisations, from government departments to newly-signed bands via the Fortune 500. Together we’ve built compelling services that have reached tens of millions of people worldwide.

In late 2013 I co-founded a social enterprise aimed at enabling people to apply their experiences and talents for the benefit of others. With an initial focus on mentoring, I’m using everything I know to build a substantial network of people who want to help.

Me. Scarily.

This website has existed in some form since 2003 and is continually being updated or redesigned as I mess around with techniques and ideas. The domain name comes from the my old university username, an uninspiring amalgamation of letters from my first and last names.

At the moment I’m playing around with colour as a form of rudimentary behvioural design to encourage me to post more frequently. In order to maintain a consistent aesthetic I need to update the site regularly. See Shaun Inman‘s fantastic Heap experiment as the main source of my inspiration.